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Kyan playing goalie in Timbits hockey


Fresh snow in a residential neighbourhood

Nice to be home after all that pesky warm Orlando weather

Close up of fireweed with only a few flowers remaining

First signs of fall. The last few flowers of the fireweed are barely hanging on.

Sign that says "Largest newest carwash. Book your wedding"

When you’re looking for an extra classy wedding venue

Looking out to the Yukon College campus through a frosted window


Tamara, Paisley, and Miriam watching fireworks across from the Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre

Happy new year

Me paddling a kayak

First time in a kayak ... I could probably get used to this.

Paisley sitting on the back of a green kayak that I am paddling
Paisley sitting on top of a yellow kayak with the front of a green kayak in the foreground

The weather is too nice to pass up the opportunity for some kayaking this evening.

Julia sitting on top of a yellow kayak
Paisley sitting on top of a yellow kayak
Julia sitting in the front seat of a canoe
Julia and Paisley sitting in a canoe
Paisley and a friend riding on a yellow kayak
Julia and Tamara paddling a red canoe

We put in some good time on the water this evening. The girls love their new kayak.

Band on stage. Corb Lund holding a guitar and wearing a cowboy hat.

Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans