In the recent Lethbridge municipal election several candidates campaigned in part on making the city more bike-friendly. This was a major criterion that I used when deciding who earned my vote. It’s a tough issue to tackle, since the source of most of that relative friendliness or hostility is coming from drivers, and council can’t just force drivers to be more considerate to cyclists. Except for maybe transit drivers, and perhaps they can start there. is running a story this morning about how fighters are getting around the NHL’s new rules regarding removing helmets to fight. The NHL should have seen this one coming.

Fighting smart article from TSN

This is the headline from TSN’s web site this morning. Here's the gist of it:

The Lethbridge Hurricanes have a new logo, and I didn’t design it. Prevailing thought was that the club would promote my third jersey logo to full time use for this season, so I’ve been getting lots of questions about my feelings toward the new logo. Here are my thoughts.

You may have heard about my enrolment in the 2013 Ride for a Reason. The ride was this past weekend, and not only did I complete the ride, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as well. There will be more of these rides in my future.

Ride for a Reason. Instagram photo from kaylareimer.

Our memorable week at DrupalCon has come to an end, so it’s time for me to reflect on the experience and what I learned during the trip to Portland.

Giant Druplicon

Thursdays at DrupalCon are an interesting time. With everyone at least three days into it, fatigue starts to take its toll. Then the good stuff happens.

DrupalCon at the conference center

For the first three days here we’ve been telling everyone what a beautiful city Portland is. Now we’re learning what makes it so green. Fortunately, there are plenty of good sessions to enjoy while we stay indoors and dry.


DrupalCon sessions kicked off Tuesday morning, and it’s a good thing I found a few good sessions throughout the day, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to hear any of the speakers on Wednesday.

Welcome to DrupalCon

Day two in Portland was all about putting our FitBits through the paces. It felt like we were walking all day, and to quote Kevin Malone from The Office after wearing Kleenex boxes for shoes, “my dogs are barking”.

We made it to Portland! After a relatively stress free bit of travel, we got settled in to the city and got started with our exploring.

DrupalCon t-shirt

Six adults with luggage fills a mini-van pretty tightly, but we managed to fit everything we needed in there and made our way to Calgary with Michael at the wheel. At the airport we ran into Marc Ingram from who is also on his way to DrupalCon and was on the same flight as us.